#SocoTour: Explore La Gran Sabana

4 days and 3 nights of off-road in La Gran Sabana, Venezuela

4 days and 3 nights of off-road in La Gran Sabana, Venezuela

A message from our founderr:

The trip to La Gran Sabana is a type of tourism that is enjoyed in very few countries of the world.

Not only do you go camping in remote places totally connected with nature (without access to technology ... something that is so lacking today) but also go deep into the culture of local Indians, enjoy gourmet food and see amazing Live the most amazing waterfalls.

But in addition to all that,  #SocoTour to the Gran Sabana has something that for me is special.

This is a tour that fits you.

It's a tour that fits what you're looking for on those off days.

It is a tour in which you will live the experience as you wish.

Some people prefer to explore as many waterfalls, rivers and camps the day allows ...

Others prefer to enjoy at their favorite "spot" and stay to rest and relax all day there.

Either way is an unforgettable adventure.

It is one of the jewels of Venezuela.

It is one of the most desired destinations for tourists ...

And it will be on your list of favorite destinations when you meet it.

Emmanuel Vieira

Co-founder and president

Soco Adventures

Are you ready for this trip?

Is this trip right for you? Here's what you need to know:

Physical Rating:


Short hikes

Trip Style:




Trip Type:

Small groups: 4-10 people in total

What will your trip look like?

Here's a quick overview of your trip's itinerary. Jaw drop, sold separately.

Day 1

The Jeep Tour starts in Puerto Ordaz. In a couple of hours you will see for the first time the majestic Gran Sabana, arriving to the first camp where you will delirious with the welcome food and then to rest for what is coming.

Day 2

Today you will arrive at the border with Brazil known as "La Línea" crossing Santa Elena de Uairén. With one foot you are in Venezuela and with the other in Brazil. Then, back to the van to visit the Jasper Gorge, the curtain of Yuruaní, the indigenous community of San Francisco and you will end your day at Wachara camp.

Day 3

The day starts early (in our opinion, this is the best day of the Tour ...). You will El Salto Kama , La Quebrada Pacheco, the Pool, the Oasis and El Salto Kawi.

Day 4

The last day you will close it big. First, a short stop at the Kamoirán rapids and then ... the Aponwao Falls with 102 meters of waterfall. Then you will see the savannah one last time as you return to Puerto Ordaz to return home.

So...what's included with your package?

  • Tour in rustic from Puerto Ordaz to La Gran Sabana (with stops in places like La Piedra de la Virgen)
  • Rustic tour to the camps, jumps, falls and most amazing places of La Gran Sabana (in those 4 days you will visit places like Kamoiran's Rapids, Kama's Jump, Soroapo, Yuruaní, Jaspe's Gorge and Mirador de los Tepuyes)
  • Special tour to Salto Aponwao (one of the most abundant waterfalls in Venezuela.The tour is made in curiara, a traditional boat of local Indians)
  • All accommodation (4 nights camping in tents of 2. You will not have to worry about anything, our team will set the camp for you and you will only get to sleep and rest)
  • All the meals (15 meals in total, 3 per day)
  • All drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic ...)
  • Our adventure #SocoKit with snacks to enjoy the adventure (prepared with foods rich in fats and sugars for you to replenish the calories and do not feel hungry in any moment).
  • 10 of our best photographs of the landscapes of La Gran Sabana (you will have the memory of all the landscapes you are going to visit, with dazzling photos courtesy of our team of photographers on previous trips)
  • Recommendations, tips and #SocoTravel advice (vas a saber exactamente qué llevar y qué no hace falta, cómo empacar tu bolso y cómo disfrutar el viaje al máximo)
  • A secret gift package for you (with personalized souvenirs, a couple of gifts to use on the trip, souvenirs and ... we will not talk any more, we do not want to damage the surprise)

Do you want even more?

We take care of it.

Truthfully, the trip already includes EVERYTHING it takes to have an incredible experience.

Pero si quieres aún más, puedes agregarle estos extras:

  • Sleeping bag (if you do not have a sleeping bag, do not worry, ours are 5 ° C or less, so that your nights are warm and your rest is full).
  • Insulator for your Sleeping Bag (it is placed between the sleeping bag and the floor of the tent and prevents the cold of the floor)
  • Unlimited alcoholic beverages (basic package includes drinks, but with this extra you can recharge as many times as you want ...)
  • Transfers to Puerto Ordaz from anywhere in Venezuela (including meals, lodging and transportation within Puerto Ordaz)
  • Tents and private rooms (Do not want to share tent or room?
  • Your own photographer (we sent one of our photographers to the trip to personally to cover your trip and give you a professional video and 30 incredible photos)

Botton line: your #SocoTour to La Gran Sabana includes absolutely EVERYTHING you need to have the trip of a lifetime.

So the only question is ... What are you waiting for?

How to reserve

As we said above ... this is a tour that suits you. You choose the departure date for your trip (the group must be minimum 4 people ...). Our team is in charge of making it happen for you.

Book your trip now.

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Our Promise To You:

We know Roraima will blow your mind. That’s for sure. But we want to take it one step further. If you are not amazed by our service, if you don’t feel your trip was worth your investment or if you feel we didn’t delivered as promised, you get one week to send a quick email to get a FULL refund of your purchase.

Yup. You read that right. No tricks. No gimmicks. No fine print. Either you leave satisfied or your trip is free, no questions asked

The risk is assumed by us. You just care to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Get Inspire

These are some of the photos of our previous trips to La Gran Sabana. The next ones will be yours.

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