#SocoTour: Los Roques Luxury Experience

3 days and 2 nights in Los Roques, Venezuela

A message from our founder: 

In Soco Adventures we are proud of doing stuff a little bit different to the others travel agencies. 

And our package of Los Roques Luxury Experience it's not the exception. 

Packages similar to our usually have several disadvantages. 

First, they rarely include everything (no matter if they call it "All inclusive"...)  

You end up paying extra food, transfers, tips… etc., etc.

Second, to be just a few days, you know only the keys more nearly to the Gran Roque. Madrisquí y Francisquí.

That's not how we do things in Soco Adventures.

Our luxury package it's design to be a experience really VIP style. 

You're going to have EVERYTHING include, you're not going to move a finger or disembowel a penny when you are on the island, everything it's going to be covered. Your transfers, all your meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, your awnings, even the ice and the cooler for the beach, we are taking care of everything.

You are going to known the best beaches of the archipelago, the keys more impressive and the best rides, a itinerary with our favorite spots to stun you. 

You will relax in a luxury hostal where their are going to pamper you as you deserve. 

It's a trip to disconnect you from reality and enter to Paradise for 3 whole days. 

It's a luxury adventure Soco style.

​Abraham Aguilera

Co-founder and vice-president

What will you do in your tour?

In this moment, you must be wondering: 

You must think it's crazy.

The truth, you can not imagine the amount of activities to do, the places and the experiences that you can live in Los Roques. 

In this trip (and with the help of your travel guide) you can:

  • Relax in a luxury hostal (you are going to let yourself pampered for 3 unforgettable days with gourmet food, drinks and dream facilities) 
  • Visit up to 5 different beaches, cays, mangones and natural pools (known only for the locals and a few who have been lucky enough to navigate to them). 
  • Do activities such as kayak, paddleboard, kitesurf, surf or parachuting (if you love the adrenaline, you can include any os these in your plan).
  • Do snorkel, know and interact with sea stars and all the marine wildlife.
  • Enter you on the local culture of a typical Venezuelan village, with people playing bingo in the middle of the street.
  • See unforgettable sunsets, with orange and purple colors that seems unbelievable, as you prepare to rest for the adventure of the next day. 

Are you ready for this trip?

Is this trip right for you? Here's all you need to know:

Physical Rating:



Trip style:



Upper Inn

Type of trip:

Couples or small families

What will your trip look like?

Here's a quick overview of your trip's itinerary. Jaw drop, sold separately.:

Day 1

Today is your arrival to Los Roques. You are going to take a plane from de Maiquetía airport and in just one hour you will see blue tones that you never see before. After accommodating you at the hostal, you will visit some of the nearly keys to start enyoing the island. In the night, gourmet dinner will be waiting for you.​

Day 2

We will start to spoil you. After an amazing breakfast, is the Day to really know Los Roques. You will be able to do some of this three tours: Norosquí, Crasquí and La Laguna de Rabusquí; Carenero (one of the best beaches of Los Roques) and Sarquí; or Cayo Vapor and Saqui Saqui.

Day 3

The third day is time to pack your bags. You are going to Madrisquí, a key few minutes from the hostal; known for his diversity of marine wildlife where you are going to be able to do the best snorkel of all de archipelago.  At 3pm you will be boarding the plane that will bring you back to reality.  

What's included with your package?

This package include that you need to have a true backpacking adventure. You are only going to worry about enjoying in the middle of the white sand beaches and the sea with incredible colors. 

This tour include:

  • Air ticket round trip (Caracas - Los Roques)
  • Stay at a superior inn
  • All meals (2 strong meals in the hostal, a snack for the beach)
  • Cooler with ice for the beach 
  • Your #SocoKit of basic adventure (include: a super comfortable cotton shirt for the beach and a bandana to protect you from the sun)
  • Non-alcoholic beverages with your meals  (in your cooler for the beach)
  • Excursions up to 5 different keys in a special itinerary created by us. 
  • Souvenir at the end of the trip

Also, you can include this extras:

  • plus
    Diving excursion (with equipments and transfers to the cay with the best fauna to dive)

    Diving excursion (with equipments and transfers to the cay with the best fauna to dive)

  • plus
    Kite surf day (Los Roques is famous for having one of the best beaches for do kitesurf in the world)

    Kite surf day (Los Roques is famous for having one of the best beaches for do kitesurf in the world)

  • plus
    Paddleboard Day

    Day of Paddleboard

  • plus

    Kayak excursion

    Kayak excursion

    Day of Paddleboard

  • plus

    Parachute jump

    Parachute jump

    Kayak excursion

    Day of Paddleboard

How to book your trip

To live the luxury experience in Los Roques you just have to choose the date for your trip and talk with one of ours adventure advisors, they will be happy to help you to make your trip come true.

+58 412 8288029 (only WhatsApp)

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+58 412 8288029 (only WhatsApp)

Clarification: All the itineraries, services and dates of departure are subject to the meteorological conditions of the moment of the trip and to the dynamic and changing characteristics of an adventure trip. The excursions and the exact itinerary it will depend on the group's moods and the group decision. Some of the final services received at the site may vary slightly from those described above. Like in any other adventure trip unforeseen events can arise and our team will always act with your well-being in mind and offer you the best possible service in the face of the circumstances that arise. Como en cualquier viaje de aventura pueden surgir imprevistos y nuestro equipo siempre va a actuar pensando en tu bienestar y en ofrecerte el mejor servicio posible ante las circunstancias que se presenten.