#SocoTour: Marvel at Ángel Falls

4 days and 3 nights in Canaima, Venezuela

A message from our founder:

The Angel Falls is one of the natural wonders of the world.

With its 979 meters of free fall, it is the highest waterfall that exists.

The majesty of seeing it from the front is undoubtedly one of the best sensations that Venezuela can offer you.

Reserved jealously by local Indians, his beauty is protected and is enjoyed by few people a year, that makes it a mystical destination for all who visit.

His magic catches you since you take that flight to Canaima until you stop at the base of the Angel Falls and you lose your eyes while you try to see to the top of the Auyantepui, where the fall is born.

Sleeping in hammocks at the base of the jump is just amazing.

Feeling the energy of the waterfall only a few meters from you is something that has no comparison.

It's something you have to live,

Emmanuel Vieira

Co-Fundador y Presidente

Soco Adventures

What will you do in your tour?

In your #SocoTour to Angel Falls you're going to:

  • Discover the beauty of the jumps and tepuis that Laguna Canaima shelters in its enigmatic waters.
  • See with you're own eyes the Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world that descends from the top of the Auyantepuy Angel Falls in the heart of the Venezuelan jungle.
  • Navigate the rivers Carrao and Churum observing the greenery of the vegetation, savannas, moriches and tepuyes.
  • Visit the Salto El Sapo, an impressive jump of approximately 45 meters high and 100 meters wide with an internal cave with walkways to see the waterfall inside.
  • Stay in exclusive luxury lodges, where you will be surrounded by the jungle atmosphere with all the comfort to enjoy the best vacations. 

Are you ready for this trip?

Is this trip right for you? Here's what you need to know:.

Physical Rating:


Short hikes to the jumps, rivers and wells

Trip Style:

Relaxation and comfort in contact with nature


In luxury lodge

Trip Type:

Couples or small groups

What will your trip look like?

Here's a quick overview of your trip's itinerary. Jaw drop, sold separately..

Day 1

The first day of your adventure you will fly from Caracas to Puerto Ordaz and you will stay in a luxury inn that also has one of the best chefs in Venezuela available to make you hallucinate with his meals. If you take the extra tour to La Llovizna, this is an excellent day to do it.

Day 2

Today you take the 9:00 AM flight from Puerto Ordaz to Canaima. Upon arrival at the airport you will be waiting transportation to your lodge. After leaving the bags, it is time to meet. You will visit Canaima lagoon and stop at the impressive Salto el Sapo.

Day 3

This is the big day. You will do the tour in curiara (a typical local boat) upstream until arriving at the base of Angel Falls. Tonight you have the option to sleep in hammock in a churuata with the fall of Angel Falls a few meters from you.

Day 4

Day 4 is time to pick up. After packing and eating breakfast, you will spend the morning relaxing and enjoying the last hours of your adventure in Canaima. At 11:00 am you will go to the airport to return home.

So...what's include with your package?

  • Transfer from Puerto Ordaz a Canaima, by plane
  • Excursion to Salto El Sapo (an abundant waterfall with a cave in the back where you can enter and watch the water fall in front of you, just to warm up engines)
  • Walk in the Laguna de Canaima
  • Excursion to Angel Falls (you will sail to the base of the Salto and be amazed to see his 900 meters of freefall of water)
  • All accommodation (1 night in a luxury inn in Puerto Ordaz, 1 night in luxury lodge and 1 night in hammocks at the base of Angel Falls)
  • All the meals (from 3 to 4 meals per day, depending on the conditions of the trip. Does not include breakfast on day 1 or lunch on the last day)
  • Your #SocoKit of Basic Adventure (Includes: an extra-soft cotton shirt for the walk ... a bandana with double functionality to protect you from sweat or to use as a scarf and protect you from the cold at night ... snacks rich in fats and sugars to replenish calories and have an extra boost of energy during the day ... an ecological bar of soap to use on the trip)
  • Your #SocoGuide of travel tips and advices for the adventure (you'll know exactly what to bring and what you do not need, how to pack your bag and how to enjoy the trip to the maximum)
  • A souvenir of the trip so that you have the best memory of your adventure

Also, you can include this extra excursions to your tour

  • Walk to Parque La Llovizna (a few minutes from Puerto Ordaz, it's a Catamaran ride where you'll get to know the waterfalls of La Llovizna, the Cachamay and the union of the Orinoco River with the Rio Caroní)
  • Overflight to Angel Falls (take a private plane at Canaima airport to enjoy the aerial view of the impressive Angel Falls)
  • Excursion to the Kavak Caves (you will visit the indigenous community of Kavak and then you will enter the mystical Kavak Caves, which have an internal waterfall of 70 meters height)

Why travel with Soco Adventures

Receive personal attention

From the first call you will have a member of our team moving heaven and earth and tuning every detail so that you have the adventure of your life.

Practical sustainable tourism

Each of our tours is focused on ecotourism with sustainable practices. When you travel with us, you help preserve and even improve the environment in the destinations you visit.

Flexible payment options

You can book your quota with only 30% in advance. The difference you can divide it in as many parts as you want, without additional charge.


Can not travel on the date of your tour? Just let us know 10 days of advance and your payment will be available as a # SocoCredito on your favor to use in another adventure with us for up to one year.

How to book

For your adventure to the Angel Falls you choose the date of departure for your trip (without restrictions, without a minimum of people...).

Our team is in charge of making it happen for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

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Clarification: All itineraries, services and departure dates are subject to the weather conditions of the moment of travel and the dynamic and changing characteristics of an adventure trip. Excursions and itinerary may vary. Some of the final services received at the site may vary slightly from those described above. As in any adventure trip can arise unforeseen and our team will always act thinking about your well-being and offering you the best possible service in the face of the circumstances that arise.