#SocoTour: Discover Roraima

7 days trekking trip to Mount Roraima, Venezuela

7 days hiking trip to Mount Roraima, Venezuela

A message from our Founder:

You know what?

Roraima is a magical place.

It’s an undescriptible place. A place filled with energy you can feel like electricity running under your feet.

It’s a journey that drags you in.

It’s an ambient that connects you with your inner self.

It’s a trip that makes you wonder about your life.

In fact, when you start walking you may feel that it's a group trip… but as you walk, it becomes a journey with yourself.

Even if you are traveling in group, the challenge is with you and only you...

And before starting this company, I took that challenge several times.

It was awesome, of course. But my guides’ services had some holes…

So, when we built this #SocoTour we focused on solving all of those weaknesses, complaints and observations that me, my friends and all the other tourists in my travels had.

Specifically, we focused on these 3 common issues:

Problem #1:

Most tour operators won’t give you enough meals on Mt. Roraima

The guides from my first 2 trek were natives, used to walk a ton and eat very little.

Natives only give you 2 meals per day and maybe a lollipop during the trek (and most tour operators do the exact same).

The problem is that food conditions way too much your mood at Roraima.

If you don’t eat enough, you’re gonna have a hard time there (believe me).

Our fix?

When you travel Roraima with us, we give you not 2 meals like the rest of the companies… not 3 main meals… but we give you 4 meals per DAY.

Caloric expenditure during your treks is huge and that 4th meal is great to recover your energies.

Also, we serve an awesome menu with tasty meals so you enjoy every single bite.


We also send our custom #SocoKit tailored to your adventure: snacks, dehidrated fruits, nuts and chocolates… superfoods rich in sugars and fats with enough calories to provide energy to your body so you can stay fresh and active the entire time.

Problem #2:

The pics from the hike almost always suck

And without awesome pics… did you even come to Roraima?

Thing is most tourist are afraid of putting their cameras at risk. And considering the high humidity, the rapidly changing weather or you know, the hike in the wilderness… they’re probably right.

Or, some of them don’t have the necessary equipment to begin with…

Our fix?

We brought our A-team of professional photographers (think NatGeo quality…) to our past trips to capture the breath-taking landscapes in the most unbelievable pics.

And after your tour, we give away 10 of our best-est so you always have the best memories of your trip to Roraima!

Problem #3:

When you travel to Roraima, you just never know what to bring

At least I didn’t. When I came as a tourist, I was never told what to pack...

My guides’ only recommendation?

“Bring dri-fit clothing”.

And each and every time I ended up overpacking, with unnecessary weight and clothes I wouldn’t need (let alone wear…)

But the real problem is that with long treks, as little as 2 extra pounds can feel like a thousand bricks!

Our fix?

Before you start your journey, you’ll get your own Travel Guide where you’ll learn specifically what to bring, what to leave at home and even how to pack to make sure you have the most comfortable time up there.

With us, you’ll always know what to carry with you to enjoy.

With us, you’ll have delicious meals every day.

With us, you’ll have the most comfortable trip so you can focus on building unforgettable memories of your adventure.

Because this is a trip you have to live...

But it’s also a trip you have to enjoy.

That’s what we focused on when we created this tour.

We focused on making it so you not only explore The Lost World, but you have the best experience of your life while you’re at it.

Roraima will change your life.

And I’m thrilled to be a part of your adventure.

Emmanuel Vieira

Co-Founder and President

Soco Adventures

What will you do in your Tour?

Here's a short list of what will happen during your #SocoTour to Mt. Roraima:

  • You'll trek on the oldest rocky formation on earth (Mount Roraima was NEVER under water, unlike most places in the world. In fact, the plants and animals you can see here don't exist anywhere else...)
  • You'll camp on one of the most remote places of the planet (complete with unbelievable landscapes and tasty meals)
  • You'll visit the most unbelievable spots of this Tepuy (Like The Maverick stone, The Window, The Abyss, Guacharos's Cave, The Pit, The Triple Point... and the list goes on)
  • You'll discover the mountain's secrets (i.e, Roraima has the world's purest water running in one of it's waterfalls, you'll visit it.... You'll listen to the stories and legends of the natives... why Roraima is the mother of all good and the Kukenan next door is the father of all evil... and more)
  • You'll dig deep in the local culture (you'll try their Tribe's typical food and see their lifestyle first hand)
  • You'll smile, enjoy and be thankful for being one of the few who got to explore The Lost World

Are you ready for this trip?

Is this trip right for you? Here's what you need to know:

Physical Rating


A piece of cake

Trip Style




Trip Type

Mid sized group. 6-20 people total. You can book solo though. You'll meet awesome people there

What will your trip look like?

Here's a quick overview of your trip's itinerary. Jaw drop, sold separately.

Day 1

 Your journey has begun. You'll take a jeep tour from San Francisco de Yuruani to Paraitepuy. After a short stop, you'll start your very first trek all the way up to Rio Tek Camp.​

Day 2

The day starts at Rio Tek where you left off. The hike is long, but easy. You'll get to Base Camp going through the Kukkenan River, the bad boy in this pic.

Day 3

This is it. The big one. From Base Camp you'll walk all the way to La Cima (the very top). This is the hardest trail of your 7 days adventure but the reward is just as big. Just take a look at the view up there.

Day 4

Day 4 is all about exploring. You'll go to: Roraima's Natural "Jacuzzis", La Ventana (where you'll catch the most impressive views from the top), The Crystals Valley, The Pit (in the pic).

Day 5

The secrets of the mountain will be revealed to you on day 5. First you'll see the Maverick Stone (pretty standard thus far) but then... You'll go deep into the mystical cave of El Guacharo where an ancient Pemon ritual takes place. And then it's time to rest for the way down.

Day 6

Good thing you took that rest 'cause today it's time to walk back home. From La Cima you'll go down to Camp Kukkenan.

Day 7

All good things come to an end. On day 7 you'll leave Roraima behind but we must warn you... your life won't be the same anymore.

So... what's included with your package?

Your #SocoTour "Discover Roraima" includes:

  • Off-road tour from San Francisco de Yuruani to Paraitepuy (San Francisco is a native community at Gran Sabana, Paraitepuy is where your hike begins)
  • Roraima guided trekking tour (with our #SocoGuides, native Pemon porters and cooks, all dedicated to take care of you and make you insanely comfortable thorough the journey)
  • All accommodations (Hotel or local inn, shared bedrooms for 2 nights - Camping, shared tents for 6 nights. You don't have to lift a finger here. Our crew will set up your camp so you only get in to get your rest and recovery on)
  • All local transportations (national flights and buses, we pick you up at the airport)
  • 34 delicious, typical meals (4 per day while hiking, 3 per day while in hotels)
  • 10 Professionally edited pics of Roraima's landscapes and views (you'll have stunning memories of each and every landscape you'll visit, compliments of our A-Team of photographers from previous journeys)
  • Our Adventure #SocoKit with snacks tailored to your hike (complete with sugar and fat rich foods to replenish your energy and keep hunger at bay)
  • Travel recommendations, #SocoTips and advice delivered to your inbox (you'll know exactly what to bring and what to leave at home, how to pack your bag and how to make the most out of your trip)
  • A secret gift for you (with handcrafted-with-love local souvenirs, a couple of handy items for your adventure and... well, you'll see the rest of this one for yourself when you come)

All for just $699 bucks.

Yup, that's a 9 days vacay to the best Mother Earth has to offer, with everything taken care off for you... for a lot less per day than your average B&B up-state...

Also... are you in need of any additional camping equipment for this trip?

Don't run to your nearest Bass Pro Shop just yet.

We got your back.​

To be honest, we don't want you spending money on gear and equipment for this trip alone (it'll most likely sit and collect dust when you get home anyways).

For this trip the ONLY thing that you must bring from home are your clothes.

Because if you don't have any of the required equipment, no problemo, amigo.You can always rent ours. ​

Here's what we have for available for you:

  • Sleeping bag (ours are 40°F or less, so your nights are warm and cozy) - add $25
  • Isolating Sleeping Pad ( the awesome mat-thinghy that goes between your sleeping bag and your tent's floor to keep the cold away) - add $20
  • Trekking backpack (65 to 75 liters, light with extra back support and waist straps) - add $50
  • GoPro® camera rental for the entire trip (for some mean selfies up there...) - add $75

Holy cannoli! Is there any way this trip could be even more awesome?

Sure do, babycakes.

Here are a few extras you can add to your Roraima Adventure to make it go from awesome to legendary, real quick:

  • Add a 4 day, 3 night off road tour of Venezuela's Gran Sabana (you'll visit amazing falls, camps and rivers riding badass 4WDs, all meals, drinks and acommodations included) - add $535
  • Have someone else carry your backpack for you (so you can walk freely and focus on the sights) - add $100
  • Get your own photographer for the entire trip (he or she will  follow you around taking pics (40) and shooting vids (compiled in a 2 min vid), then edit them and send it over with a nice digital bow) - add $150
  • Don't wanna share no rooms and tents? (Get solo acommodations during the entire trip) - add $75

Bottom line: your #SocoTour to Mt. Roraima has absolutely EVERYTHING you need to have the adventure of your life.

So pick a date bellow and book your trip, today:

Sat, Feb 25 - Fri, Mar 3


Availability: ​ 10 available

Price per traveler: $699

Sat, Mar 15 - Fri, Mar 21


Availability: ​ 10 available

Price per traveler: $699

Mon, Apr 10 - Tue, Apr 18

9 Days Special: All the way to Brazil!

Availability: ​ 4 available

Price per traveler: $799

Book your trip now.

Talk with one of our Adventure Specialists today and book your spot:

+58 412 828 8029    |    +58 424 293 1572

Our Promise To You:

We know Roraima will blow your mind. That’s for sure. But we want to take it one step further.

If you are not amazed by our service, if you don’t feel your trip was worth your investment or if you feel we didn’t delivered as promised, you get one week to send a quick email to get a FULL refund of your purchase.

Yup. You read that right. No tricks. No gimmicks. No fine print. Either you leave satisfied or your trip is free, no questions asked.

We know this is rare. No other travel agency offers a guarantee like this (we checked). But we want you to be sure of one thing: Your satisfaction comes first for us. 

So you just have to worry about having the time of your life. Risk's on us.

Frequently Asked Questions

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