Sailing La Tortuga:

Uncharted. Crystal clear waters. White sands. 

It doesn't get any better. 4 days sailing trip to La Tortuga, Venezuela.

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A message from our CEO:  

When you set sail from Higuerote's coast, you'd never imagine what you're in for. 

Getting there can be though. The journey can get long. But it's worth every. Single. Second.

To be honest, I've been to the Bahamas, St. Blas, St. Marteen, St. Thomas, Cozumel, Punta Cana, Cancun... and the list goes on. But nothing, not any one of those places matches this.

The tranquility, peace and relaxation you feel right from the moment you arrive is like nothing I had seen before. Here you'll discover new shades of blue. The cam just can't record so much.

The tides are calmed, the sea is always tempered and the waters are so clear that you feel floating on the air.

La Tortuga is just... perfect.

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Physical Rating

Very Light

A trip to relax. Very light walking.

Trip Style

Sailing & Beach


Camping at beachside

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A trip for couples or small groups.

What will your trip look like?

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Day 1

Hop on an exec bus from Caracas to Higuerote and then straight to the marine where your boat is already waiting for you. Sit tight. A few cocktails, good music, and several great open ocean views after... And it is on.

Day 2

You'll rise up early today. You'll need the time because today you explore the island. You'll visit Punta del Este, Punta Delgada, Cayo Herradura, the island's Lighthouse, La Piedra, the Carenero mangroves and Tortuguillo. And at night, it's time to chill around the bonfire, have some drinks and make some memories.

Day 3

After Day's 2 agenda, you'll want to lay back and enjoy the beautiful beaches and the amazing seafood. The perfect ending for the perfect weekend. And now, it's time to go back to reality.

So... what's included with your package?

  • 2 day boat tour to La Tortuga Virgin Islands, Venezuela.
  • Guided tour through La Tortuga's Mangroves.
  • All acommodations (Hotel, 2 nights - Camping, 1 night).
  • All local transportations (national buses).
  • All meals (3 meals per day, 9 total).
  • Unlimited national alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Recommendations, suggestions and tips sent to your inbox after purchase.
  • 10 Professionally edited pics of your trip.

Also, we have this extras available for you

  • VIP Yacht Cruise Experience (Transportation+Acommodation+Private Chef) - $499 per person.
  • Personalized photo and video package (your memories will look like our pics above) - $99
  • GoPro Rental for the entire trip - $77
  • Wakeboard - $50 for 30 min

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Fri, Dec 02 - Sun, Dec 04

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Fri, Dec 9 - Sun, Dec 11

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